Funny Bug Bees and Wood Works #6 Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh - Precut to fit hives 3.2mm avg. aperture #6 Hardware cloth for beekeepers... Product #: #6-mesh based on 0 reviews Regular price: $8.95 $8.95

#6 Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh - Precut to fit hives

Brand: Funny Bug Bees and Wood Works

Price: $8.95

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This product is pre-cut to fit standard hive sizes. If you are looking to purchase this cloth sold by the Sq. Foot, please click here.

There are more than a dozen sizes of each # of hardware cloth. So there are about a dozen different sizes of #6 and a dozen #7 and  #8 hardware cloths on the market, each having a different aperture (opening size). You must make sure to purchase #6-041 hardware cloth to use for small hive beetle traps. Ordering from other suppliers without knowing the exact aperture size they sell will result in many dead bees. So make sure to order from us.

This is galvanized #6-041 hardware cloth with an average aperture of 3.2mm Which is the exact size of an adult small hive beetle. This cloth is used for making small hive beetle traps and bottom boards. It is sold by the square foot. This is perfect for making Freeman style hive beetle traps as the bees cannot go through it but the beetles can. This allows the bees to chase the beetles into the trap without going into it themselves.

It is sold in 3 sizes:

1. NUC 19 7/8 x 9

2. 8-frame 19 7/8 x 13 3/4

3. 10-frame 19 7/8 x 16 1/4

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