We are an authorized manufacturer of Don "The Fat Bee Man" no-drown hive top feeders and a portion of all sales go directly to Don!

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Welcome to funny bug bees and wood working. We appreciate you stopping by and we value your business. Funny bug bees is an Eastern North Carolina based business providing beekeeping supplies, bee hives, pest management and bee hive components nationwide. We were founded in 2015 and thanks to customers like you, we continue to grow. We are a family owned business and we will always be. So from our family to yours, Thank You!

We offer many different hive styles, not just Langstroth hives. We offer top bar hives, British national hives, Rose hives, Warre hives. Whatever type of hive you would like to try, we produce them for you. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality hive boxes. Using rabbet joint corners for better weather resistance, waterproof glue, galvanized nails and screws, and mildew resistant paint. All of our hive boxes come in three choices, unassembled, assembled, and assembled and painted. This offers you more choice for your budget.

We offer many specialty products as well such as Freeman style small hive beetle traps, IPM bottom boards, many different feeder styles including Don the fat bee man no drown hive top feeders, and entrance reducers.

Anything you need for your hives, we should have. If you don't find a product you think we should produce and offer on the website, drop us a line and tell us using the contact link in our menu.